Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC is History/RNC Next Week

As the Democrats head home from Denver the Republicans await Sen. John McCain's announcement of his running mate. They (the Republicans) are also making their way to Minnesota for their own convention and another exiting week for the media that will covering it.

I managed to hear Sen. Clinton's address and Sen. Obama's acceptance speech. I thought that Sen. Obama gave a great speech...but we all expected that he would. He is a wonderful orator. If one could believe everything that he said he would certainly win by a landslide in November. Of course, he is a politician and so believing everything that he said is difficult for even the most sincere followers. I did like his encouragement to find common ground on issues. Even if we can't agree about pro-choice/pro-life issues, we can all agree that we need to do something about the number of unwanted pregnancies. Even though midwest hunters and inner city dwellers have differing views on the right to bear arms, we can all agree that we need to keep AK-47's out of the hands of criminals. Even though we disagree on same sex marriages, we can agree that a life partner has a right to visit in the hospital. Too often we focus on differences and miss out on solving problems.

We'll wait to hear what Sen. McCain has to say and then it will all be debated over the coming months. In the end we make a choice. The great experiment continues.



Mike said...

After reading your second paragraph all I can say is, "BILBO for PRESIDENT, JOHN for VICE PRESIDENT!"

John said...

I would be honored to serve under President Bilbo!