Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just stuff

It's almost midnight and 8/10 is coming to an end. Sometime tomorrow the Cluster Map will archive all of the information from the past year. It shows 10,323 hits since I put it up a year ago. The counter at the bottom of the right column shows just less than 9,450 hits. I set the lesser counter to only count an IP address once every 6 hours. I also know that there are several that subscribe via RSS feed or Google Reader or something else. I don't think that these are counted by either of these counters.

I know that I don't get near the hits that some of the blogs that I read get, but I get far more than I ever believed that I would. In any case, it's been fun to watch the totals climb.

I should be back to moving airplanes sometime this week--maybe as early as tomorrow. The Regional Flight Surgeon should have received all of the information that they need last Friday. Of course it could also take another week or so for them to allow me back on the boards. Until then I'll just be bored!

I'm guessing that it will most likely be evening before I post the Gospel of John posts when I'm on day schedules like tomorrow. I may post in the morning or on a break from work. We'll see.
Hope you all have a great week!



Mike said...

If you haven't already seen this, the July issue of Reader Digest has some articles about a pending air traffic control shortage. Plus other articles about the air industry.


Bilbo said...

Can you get back to work sooner? I'm flying tomorrow and would feel better if someone I knew were on duty. Of course, I'd be flying in the other direction from where you're probably working, but it's the principle of the thing, dontcha know...

John said...

Nobody wants for me to be back to work more than me (unless it's Chris!)

Have a good flight, Bilbo. May the Force be with you!

Amanda said...

Since its only a few days more, you might as well just santai (indonesian for relax)

If you get really really bored, how about making up a new magic trick and putting it on YouTube for us all to watch ? :)

John said...

The real trick would be John being savvy enough to record and upload something for You Tube. I don't even own a digital camera other than my cell phone! (Chris has one...we're not completely in the Dark Age, just the Very Dim Age.)