Thursday, August 21, 2008

John 18

John 18 is John's account of the arrest of Jesus. There are some different aspects to John's account and I don't know if that's a major point for you or not. It really isn't for me. As I have commented on a previous post, I would expect there to be some differences as a different person reports the same event.

A big thing is the fulfillment of Jesus' prophesy that Peter will deny Him. This sets up the restoration of Peter that comes in the final chapter. It also is a reminder to us that we all have difficulties as we strive to follow Jesus...and that Jesus still forgives and restores.

Another point that should at least be mentioned is that only Rome could sentence a person to death. I know that there were people that were stoned according to The Law, these were basically just ignored by the Romans. It would have been easier if the leaders could have caught Jesus in a stonable offense. As it was, there were so many followers that it would have caused a civil uprising that Rome would have had to put down with military force. By presenting Jesus as a King, the Jewish leaders hoped to have Rome sentence Him to die and avoid the civil rioting.

In the end, Jesus had to die this way. It was a Divine Appointment.

Something important I've learned:

There are times when it really is easier to just deny that we know Jesus. In Matthew's account it says that when the rooster crowed, Peter remembers Jesus' words and wept bitterly. It is how we all feel (or at least should feel) when we recognize that our actions are a denial of Jesus.

The verse I liked best:

I really don't know about this one. I guess the exchange between Jesus and the High Priest is interesting, but I can't really pick out a favorite.

A question to consider:

What situations is it too easy to deny Jesus? When is it hardest to take the stand--"I am one of His followers"?


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