Monday, June 17, 2024

Monday Morning Meditation

I don't usually empty my mind or try to think of nothing when I make the effort to meditate. I can if it is necessary to isolate from distracting sounds, but here at home I don't usually have that problem. Here I try to be aware of the many nature sounds around me -- the different birds singing, the hum of the little hummingbirds wings as they feed at the feeders, the buzz if insects, the sound the breeze makes as it weaves through the plants, even the sounds from the highway (okay, those I recognize so I can tune them out).

I'm in a different place this morning -- front porch!
I like our front porch almost as much as I like the back deck. It is a very different perspective from the front. There is more of an awareness that we live in a neighborhood with other people in relatively close proximity. But it is a nice little one street neighborhood.

It is a different exposure to the morning sounds. Because the lot across the street has many more trees, the bird sounds are more plentiful and much louder. From the front porch, my thoughts drift to the different flower beds that I can see and what I need to do with them. Thinking about work may not be the most relaxing kind of thing, but there is a comfort in planning and visualizing the flowers and colors that will be here in a few weeks. 
I am late getting most of my flowers in, but they will bloom quickly and share their colors and beauty through the summer and into fall. I'll be planting some more annuals later today. Even in the heat and humidity of the day, there is something calming about digging in the dirt and planting flowers.

I have a breakfast meet with an old friend this morning. I am looking forward to catching up on what is going on in his life. He is a more experienced gardener than I am and I'll be getting some good information from his as well as a couple of black raspberry plants!

I hope you find peace in your day.


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