Sunday, May 02, 2021

Finding My Place in the World

Isn't it the answer that we all seek?
What is my place in the world?

For the most part, my place in the world is at

That's my location as I sit on my deck.
I know it isn't where I would always prefer to be (that would be somewhere in Zihautanejo in Guerrero, MX), but for most days it will be my happy place.
If you want to visit me, plug it into your GPS and come on over. I'll probably be out here with a beer and a cigar and chillin' with some classic rock on Pandora -- like I am as I right now.
It's where I have my morning coffee and quiet time. It's where we have many of our meals. It's where I sit as the sun sets and the night sounds begin. It's even where we sleep on many nights. It is my most used spot in our home.

And it's where I read, meditate, and contemplate my more philosophical place in the world.
While I can't say that it helps me connect to people directly, it does help me feel more connected to the world around me and to humanity in a general sort of way. I think I've always been a bit more contemplative than most people, but even more so in the past decade or so, and more purposefully so in the past few years. Such contemplation can help me to find peace in troubled times and is also a source of great frustration as I wish that others could see the benefit of some serious introspection and contemplation.

Where is your happy place?
Is it a physical place?
Is it a mental or spiritual place?
Is it a place that helps you to feel more connected to the world around you?
Or maybe a place that helps you to feel more connected to God?

My place is kind of all of those things.
If you care to venture into rural Highlandville some afternoon, give me a shout and a bit of advance warning. I'll have iced tea or a cold brew and a decent cigar if you like. We can converse about life, baseball, or whatever is on your mind. We can even throw some burgers or brats on the grill and have an afternoon or evening meal. 
Welcome to my happy place.



Mike said...

Are you sure those are the correct coordinates? Because there is no line of trees at the top of a hill in your backyard. 1163?

John A Hill said...

I put those coordinates into Google maps and it shows about 1/4 mile southeast of me - just on the south side of the treeline.