Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Writing

Ugh! It's Friday!
Okay, Friday is a good thing--but tomorrow is our winter reading meeting at the OCACW meeting and I haven't written anything. I may just have to check back at past writings and use one of them. I actually may still write something...or if the weather continues through tonight, we may not meet tomorrow.

In either case, I do need to write.

An afternoon project on a wintry day.

It would appear that Southwest Missouri is not going to be the place for viewing the Geminids meteor shower this year. I believe that overcast skies are in tonight's forecast. Sacre bleu! I do love watching a good celestial event in the night sky!

I hope that many of you have the skies and desire to view one of the best annual meteor showers. Get out around 2am, bundle up and watch the sky!

Break time is over. Back to work...talking to plow trucks instead of airplanes today. At least it pays the same!

John <><

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John Hill said...

Good news/bad news.
The meeting tomorrow has been cancelled due to weather. (that is both the good news and the bad news)