Friday, December 13, 2013


A short time ago I posted about unplugging from the virtual world a little more often. In that post, I included a statement that wasn't the brightest thing to post in such a public forum. It wasn't meant as an indictment of anybody in particular or of the facility in general. It was meant as general indictment of how attached we have all become to our cell phones, tablets and virtual umbilical cords.

Apparently, the comment upset a number of people and became a topic of conversation at work. For some reason, it was easier to talk about me than to talk to me. I am glad that somebody finally brought it to my attention. As I re-read it, it was easy to see how it could be taken (and misunderstood) by people at work and by people outside of work. I have changed that part of the post.

I'm a little surprised by some of the people involved. However, I guess I'll just make the change and let it go. I am obviously too unapproachable to talk with about something that may be offensive or misunderstood.

C'est la vie!

John <><

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