Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Career Move...or not?

I wrote the following about a week ago but never posted it. Since writing it, two things have happened:
1) I decided not to bid the job and
2) The bid is now out.

If you are a controller considering a career move into management, I'd encourage you log into your My FAA web page and check out the jobs section for the bid. It says temporary, not to exceed a year, but as with most of those bids, I'm guessing a good supervisor can move to a permanent position without competing. If you are already a supe and want to move to the Queen City of the Ozarks...well, here is your chance.

As it is, this is not going to be the way I wrap up my ATC career.
Good luck. The bid closes on the 26th.

Here is the post (originally written 12/9):

I don't know if this is the right time and place for this post or not. As I begin to write this, I'm not even certain that I'll ever get to the "publish" button. It may just turn out to be a way to help organize my thoughts. If you are reading this now, well I guess I'm coming out with a statement that I am considering bidding on a temporary supervisor's job.

Yeah, it's a little bit crazy and I'm really not sure that it's what I'm going to do. The bid isn't out yet but it should be coming out soon. I've been weighing the +s  and -s of the gig and can't say that they come out with anything definitive in the way of an answer. There could be a little bit of monetary reward, but I'm pretty comfortable with my present income so that isn't a great incentive.

My initial thought was that there is no real benefit to me, so why should I? The problem in the decision making process is that I'm trying to grow beyond the "me" world. Is everything always about "me"? Are there other valid considerations? Is there a benefit to others? If so, who benefits and do I have any responsibility to them?

One of the items in the minus column is giving consideration to my years in NATCA and what effect a supervisory position would have on some of the relationships with controllers around the country and especially with those that are here at SGF. I don't generally give a lot of consideration to what other people think of what I'm doing and so it's not a huge factor; just something to consider. Are those changes in relationships worth a 1 year gig as a temporary supervisor?

Actually, I can easily come up with a lengthy minus list (and have). The problem is in coming up with a plus list. I'm not convinced that anybody would benefit from John Hill as supervisor. And maybe I'm not the person to make that assessment. Do I throw my hat in the ring and let management take it from there?

As it is, I've had members of management and fellow controllers encourage me to bid the slot. I'm pretty certain that opinions vary a great deal on both sides of the labor/management coin.

One thing that is in the plus column (temporarily anyway)...
There isn't a bid out (yet) and so no decision has to be made!

John <><

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