Monday, December 02, 2013

The month in review

Holy smokes! It's December!

It feels like I'm heading back to work after a long weekend. Although many of you have had a long weekend, mine has been pretty normal as far as my work schedule goes. Maybe it was having Hannah home last week, or maybe the Thanksgiving dinner or maybe it just feels like I've been off work longer than normal. In any case, I'll be back talking to airplanes in just a couple of hours.

November was not a good month on the fitness/weight loss front. I didn't ride as much, walked a little more and started working on some upper body and core strength. On the weight side, I managed to keep it together and steady for most of the month, but blew it over the holiday and with visiting relatives on Saturday night. I end the month a couple of pounds heavier than I started it. Sacre bleu!

No worries, though. I don't think that getting back on track will be a big deal. I did some work in the garage yesterday to make my weight machine/dust collector more accessible and plan to start using it along with the exercise bike, outdoor bike and walking. Still looking to dip below the 220# mark by the end of the year.

Other than the weight thing, I had a great November!

I started with a ministry gig with my old friend in sunny Florida and ended with a weekend revival in the frozen reaches of Northern Missouri. I got to do a little magic, do a little preaching and had a great time doing both!

And December started off with being able to preach the Neos service at my home church of Hopedale! I live a favored life. God is good!

I hope that you will take some time this month for a little self assessment. I plan on looking at the past year to see where my successes and failures have been; looking at my present state to assess weaknesses and strengths; and looking to the future with a plan to serve God by serving others. The end of December brings more than a look back for a monthly assessment. It also brings about occasion for an annual check-up and evaluation.

I think that beginning each month with a plan to assess the month at the end makes for a better life during the coming weeks. As much as I hope that you had a good November, I truly desire that you have a great December. I know that holiday plans will occupy much of your schedule and many of your thoughts. Be a blessing to one another.

Live well.
John <><

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