Monday, December 23, 2013

Weighing in on the Duck Dynasty Debacle

I know I'm going to regret this. Maybe I'll come to my senses and delete it all after I've typed it out and purged it from my system, but I doubt it. Coming to my senses in a timely fashion is not how I roll.

I should begin by saying that I am not a fan of the show. It is not a "reality" show and I don't get the whole watch somebody's make believe life and believe that these are their real personalities and this is their real life. I don't watch any so-called reality shows. I have seen this show and can't say that I find the backwoods ways or day to day life stories to be all. I really don't get the attraction.

As to the interview comments, freedom of speech, banned from the network, products removed from stores, Facebook fan pages and all of the other fallout--really? Why does anybody really care?

Some guy that has a cult like following says something and somebody else doesn't like it and reacts.

As a guy that has never really learned the lesson of keeping my thoughts to myself, I can tell you that words have consequences. There are lots of regrettable words in my past...and plenty of words that could have been said in less offensive tones. There are words that were never said in anger that were taken in anger. There have been wasted words, words that had no positive impact. While I am not at all ashamed or shy about what I believe, I've also found that it isn't important that everybody needs to know what I believe.

In the case of the GQ interview; I find it hard to believe that any party was unaware of the potential controversy. The question; the answer; the response and the media attention all seem a little bit contrived to me. GQ will sell a record number of issues. Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander products will be flying off of the shelves. A&E will either gain or lose support from equal numbers of people on either side of the controversy. Duck Dynasty followers will watch the show--on A&E or any other network. All in all, it is a grand marketing scheme that is better than anything anybody could have planned--unless of course, it was planned and everybody is reacting as anticipated.

Whether it's real or not, please--get a life outside of the world of the unreal lives of television characters.

I don't believe anybody is being persecuted for their religious beliefs. I don't believe that anybody has had their rights of free speech infringed upon. A celebrity said some things that are controversial in our society and is suffering the consequences. It happens every time we give undue credence to the words of a celebrity. Personally, I think we have a pretty messed up society that chooses to get its wisdom/theology/social policies from people that are pretending to be something that they aren't.

Okay. That's it. Really it's just my little rant. You are free to comment (and I know many of you will) even though I really don't care to read some of the rants that are sure to come.

But one thing I have learned--words have consequences.

John <><


bridger said...

Good Post, John. My problem with this whole situation is that when a celebrity takes the heat for his comments, the culture feeds on it as you say and pretty soon, our laws and law interpreters (judges) begin to reflect this culture. A and E has the right to not give a job to someone who stands for something they do not agree with, only if a cake decorator or photographer has the right not to work for someone whose beliefs they disagree with. Unfortunately, the discussion has moved to the culture at large and our laws are beginning to reflect an unbiblical requirement for living. Our constitution specifically states that the government should not make laws for or against religious practice, but it has begun to do so despite the constitution. We the people are left to stand up for ourselves because our representatives are ignoring the rules that the have taken an oath to uphold. Its a bad situation, but one that can be solved the way it has been done for generations..... speak out in intelligence and passion, not in hatred. Exchange ideas and views and have the freedom to live the way you choose. When there is a disagreement that cannot be agreed upon, vote on the way to proceed.

Bilbo said...

"... we have a pretty messed up society that chooses to get its wisdom/theology/social policies from people that are pretending to be something that they aren't." John, you are my hero! I have my own thoughts on the contrived controversy, and may air them on my blog once I achieve the degree of bravery you have shown. Great post!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, great post! I was totally dismayed that Duck Dynasty and its baggage became so associated with Louisiana and somehow I see this as all some stunt.

I can't see GQ as normally being interested in some bearded duck-hunting rustics and their opinion, unless it was likely to raise fireworks. Both DD and GQ achieved their objectives with this debacle. A & E was put in a situation where they had do some response.

No one's free speech rights were affected. No one has a right to TV time, any more than the Times-Picyaune should be required to give me a column to air my views. Even if I promise to be slightly suggestive, a la Orleans.