Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

One would think the cold temperatures and the snowy landscape would be enough to put me in the Christmas spirit.
Yeah, well so far it hasn't happened.

I'm not all "bah, humbug" or anything; I'm just not in the festive holiday kind of mood. Maybe getting some decorations up would put me in a holiday mood. Maybe not.

I think that I'll make the effort to talk about Christmas more this week. I think that I'll be asking people about their family's Christmas traditions. Maybe in finding out about how different people celebrate the holidays, I'll find a little of the Christmas spirit awakening in myself. I'll begin by asking my readers.

What are your family holiday traditions?
Christmas Eve services? Midnight Mass?
Christmas candies and cookies?
Holiday Ham?
Open presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning?
Special Christmas breakfast?
Travel to see family? Stay at home?

I am really interested to know how you and yours celebrate the season. Please take a moment to comment here, on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What holiday are you celebrating and how do you do it?

John <><

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