Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stuff and Nonesense

Well the Republican National Convention is in full swing with Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin making her address Wednesday night. Mayor Rudy also did a fine job of painting the bleak picture of an America under the leadership of Sen. Obama. Tomorrow we'll hear what Sen. McCain has to say.

I say that it's too bad that we can't take the best qualities of both candidates along with the best of their running mates and make a new composite candidate for the office. How about all of the technology and genetic engineering that is at our disposal. Surely we could convince the far right that it's the best for our country--a person with the morals of a religious radical and the economic sense of a fiscal conservative to go along with the eloquence and energy of that other guy.

Actually, I not convinced of the fiscal conservative part. One speaker said that McCain would have a balanced budget by 2013. If I recall correctly, the current Republican Administration (along with a republican Congress) was handed a balanced budget from the Clinton Administration. Somehow I doubt that this Republican Senator has the fortitude to actually balance the budget. When was the last time that a Republican President had a balanced budget anyway? Okay, the Congress was Republican controlled in the Clinton Administration. Maybe what we need is one party to control the Congress and one the White that's what we have now--not working. Time to try something different.

Once again I am incredibly disappointed in our choices. I guess the really qualified people want no part of the politics that goes with the office. I give McCain the nod on military issues but doubt that Obama is going to give away our National Security the way the Republicans would have you believe. I just can't see another four years of the wasteful spending that we've had in this Administration's eight years. All of a sudden the Republicans are interested in alternate fuel sources. Why? Because the Democrats have made it an issue. Today the Republicans are talking about new jobs and incentives for businesses. They've done absolutely nothing to stem the tide of jobs leaving our country for overseas or south to Mexico. The only time we hear any talk is when votes are on the line. Once the elections are over it's business as usual. They've managed to con me out of my vote too many times. I don't believe them--at all. I don't believe that they have any idea of what family values are. I don't believe them when they say that they are pro-life or that they are compassionate about our nation's poor, sick or homeless. I do believe that it's ALL about the money. I seriously doubt that the Dems will be much different. But I know that the Republicans have lost my respect, my trust and my vote.

By the way, here's an interesting link. Some people think that God has no sense of humor. This was made before Sen. Obama's speech in an outdoor arena in Denver. The irony of Gustav hitting at the beginning of the RNC and messing with their schedule makes me laugh.


This weekend the National Standing Committees and the Executive Officers of The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) will be heading to Miami to see how much rain Hanna will drop on Florida. By the end of the week, all of the convention delegates and others will be there to meet Ike! I know. It doesn't make any sense to schedule a convention in Miami during hurricane season. Well the convention was schedule for the spring in a new facility. Unfortunately, the facility wasn't ready so it was moved to the fall. Now it still isn't ready and NATCA has had to scramble to make things work for hotels, meeting sites, parties, etc. A hurricane is going to be a minor thing after all of the other hoops that have been jumped through!

Meanwhile, Chris and I will be heading for fair weather in Las Vegas. Friday marks the 27th Anniversary of one of the few really smart things that I've done in my life. I used to show the kids our wedding picture and tell them that the picture was taken on the happiest day of their mom's life--until she said that they've all been downhill since then!



Bilbo said...

Have a great trip to Vegas, and congratulations on the anniversary! Like you, I wish we could have hybrid candidates that combine the potential best qualities of each. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Sigh. Check my blog when you get back...I'm working on my hypothetical party's platform. I can't wait to see how many people I can irritate with it!

Mike said...

"I do believe that it's ALL about the money."

Eeeeh, yep!

Sicilian said...

Happy Anniversary. . . . good rant. . . enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Friend, this is a no-Brainer for me: The one who had the courage to come out against the war from Day 1is the most like Jesus to me. And his running mate had the courage to admit his mistake in voting for it. I believe the Good Book also says somewhere, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord." That reinforces my decision. Hate evil and resist it mightily but peacefully. May we regain our senses and quit killing people and training our people to kill people!

Claudia said...

Wonderful anniversary milestone! Truly an achievement in contemporary America. Did Mike tell you we had our 32nd on August 21st? Chaplain Claudia