Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Bit About Ted Drewe's

This is what Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard stand looks like on a typical summer night. I remember bringing a friend (we were at a magic convention) here at about 11:30 pm. The scene was pretty typical with a large crowd still visiting and feasting on the frozen delight.

He looked on with a bit of awe and said, "What is this place?" I think I just responded with a simple--"This is what you do in south St. Louis in the summertime."

Over on Mike's blog, Amanda asked the question, "What is frozen custard?" Wikipedia can explain it far better than I ever could so here is the Wiki-link for frozen custard. If you read down to the Notable Chains, you'll find Ted Drewe's as the third link or you can just click here for the Wiki-scoop on Ted Drewe's. There is usually one of St. Louis' finest around at night to make sure that the crowd doesn't stray too far into the street. I'm usually thinking that would be a great assignment for a beat cop! This location is on the Historic Route 66.

Chris and I have spent may nights visiting this location--both when we lived in St. Louis and now whenever we visit. We were here the night before Chris went to hospital to have labor induced for both of our kids and we have raised them up with the expectation of Ted Drewe's every time we're close to St. Louis. I'll be back at the end of the October.



Mike said...

Now THAT'S a Ted Drews picture!

Sicilian said...

The one thing all humanity has in common is that we celebrate our highs and lows with food.
You documented your family history pretty well using food as a marking point.

Amanda said...

Mmmmm it sounds delicious! Thanks for the link.

Amanda said...

Just to let you know that it is now maybe 30 mins after I left my last comment and I couldn't resist it anymore. I went downstairs and am now having some ice cream with my blogging. Its just the ordinary sort though.....