Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When All Else Fails

Okay, so I know that it's only September 30th and post-season play for the 2008 baseball season hasn't even started. So what? The world is in turmoil and so we might as well start planning for the 2009 baseball season.

The Cardinal's season opener is just 6 months and 6 days away. Aaron has noted that they will be in Chicago on his birthday and is already lobbying for tickets as a birthday present. The Cards are in Kansas City for inter-league play on June 19-21. I foresee another 50 seat block from group sales for Hopedale Baptist Church for the evening of the 20th. I'd also like to take a group to St. Louis for the April 25 game against the Cubs. I don't know how many would be interested, though.

The season finale is on October 4th. That could pose a minor problem as it is Chris' birthday. I see a St. Louis weekend birthday present in her future.

Watching the post season without the Cardinals won't be quite as fun as if they were playing. However, there will still be some interesting games. The Cubs (swept in the first round last year) face the Dodgers. The Dodgers are 1-12 in their last four post season appearances. The White Sox are still battling for their post season spot with a 1 game playoff later today. It would really tick the Cub fans off if the Sox ended up in the Series without them!

Hey! I just had an idea that would endear all of the players and owners to a grateful nation. Why not have Major League Baseball sponsor the finance industry bailout?! Those guys make thousands of dollars per inning and the owners are raking in even more. A little help so that the rest of us can continue to enjoy the occasional $6 hotdog and $5 soda!

Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and a financial bailout! What could be more American than that?




I never knew you were such a baseball fan! You had me laughing and I must agree with your suggestion for the bailout!! Great tip!

Bilbo said...

Your solution is at least as good as Congress's. I'm forwarding it to my elected reprehensives for their consideration and appropriate inaction.