Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Wondering

Today is September 11.

John McCain has been talking about victory in Iraq. Barrack Obama has been saying that we need to get our troops out of Iraq. President Bush is saying that the Iraqis are now becoming able to police their own state and we can begin to make troop withdrawals. He is also claiming a victory for our troops and our country.

Here's my question: What victory are they talking about? The guy responsible for masterminding the horrible attack on America; the man responsible for killing thousands of innocent Americans; the guy that we were supposed to be going after...that guy is still free! The mere thought that anybody can claim victory in Iraq just verifies that the President's "War on Terror" had little to do with capturing Osama bin Laden and everything to do with settling a score for daddy.

Is the world a better place without Saddam Hussein? Absolutely.
Is Iraq a better place for its citizens? I believe so.
Are the fighting men and women of our Armed Forces heroes to the Iraqis and to the Americans? You'd better believe it!

But victory? I don't think that we can call it a victory until we've accomplished what the American People believed our mission in the Middle East to be: Find and capture Osama bin Laden.

As I write this there are 4 months, 12 days and 7+ hours until President Bush is no longer the President. You can go here to find out how much time is left as you are reading. He should be ashamed of the Presidential legacy that he leaves behind. He should be ashamed for deceiving (lying to) the American people. He should be ashamed that domestic conditions have deteriorated to the present conditions. He should be ashamed that he has the second lowest approval rating in our country's history (maybe he'll manage the lowest before it's all over...that'll be something to be proud of!). He should be ashamed that he had the world's finest and bravest fighting force at his disposal and he didn't satisfy the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans by going after and bringing to justice the person responsible.

I don't know if you support McCain or Obama. Do yourself a the United States. Research the candidates--and vote.

Bilbo always says, "Don't let anybody do your thinking for you." He's been doing a lot of thinking lately. Check out the platform for his new Republicratic Party.

Sorry for the rant.



Bilbo said...

You know how I feel about Mr Bush and his would-be replacements, so I'll pass on that rant. As far as the 9/11 reminiscences go, I just made this comment on another blog, but I'll make it again: while something more terminal and violent would be pleasing, the thought that I'm sitting at my desk in a rebuilt and modernized Pentagon while the bastards who attacked us are hiding in caves and looking over their shoulders at the sound of airplane engines makes me feel pretty good.

Vote for Nobody!


wonderful post. Bush cannot get out of office quick enough for me. Great points. BTW thanks for the link to that health website. I enjoyed it.

ssgreylord said...

love to hear your passion, john. thanks for sharing your interesting opinions.

Mike said...

I went to the count down clock which lead me to the bushisms which kept me busy for quite a while.

Kevin said...

I'm so sorry that I believed in this guy enough to vote for him twice. Did I mention that I'm no longer a Republican? I have Bush to thank for that.