Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Political Humor

If you can't stand the campaigning that will be going on for the next couple of months then perhaps you can enjoy the satire and comic relief that the candidates provide for those that exploit the insanity in favor of laughter.

My blogging friend at The Main Bang (that's the name for the leading edge of a radar sweep, Mike--not a rapper's primary girlfriend) found a couple of funny videos. Go to his blog, stop drinking whatever you don't want spewing from your nose and watch these.

The first is for my Sicilian friend and the second (worth the 10 minutes) is for anybody that is wondering what kind of change McCain is going to bring to Washington. Both are hilarious; both from The Daily Show.



Sicilian said...

LOL. . . I saw him do the 2nd one on tv. . . the first one is great. Thanks for the laughs. . . . I will have to show Sweetie!

Mike said...

Sooooo you supply the straight line AND the punch line. This blogging stuff is getting to easy.

After watching the linked video there are a lot of other similar videos to watch. You can stay busy for quite a while cleaning up schnozz shots.