Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, today I celebrated Father's Day. Our baseball outing was courtesy of Aaron by way of my Father's Day gift--tickets to a Cardinal baseball game. It was a beautiful day for a ball game and the Cardinals won big! And since I couldn't bear the thought of waiting a whole six months for another one of those grilled Kosher dogs with the grilled onions and 'kraut, I grabbed a second one in the seventh inning!

After the game, Aaron decided that it was best for him to get back to school instead of indulging in some frozen custard--something about a paper to write and some studying that he needed to do! So I was off to Ted Drewe's by myself to meet the curmudgeonly blogger Mike and his wife, Claudia.

It was really nice getting to meet a reader. I know that many of you have known me for some time. This is the first reader that I've met through blogging. I missed the opportunity to meet Bilbo last spring and would really enjoy traveling to meet Amanda.

Of course there are many others that I would enjoy traveling to see, part for the travel and part to get to meet the flesh and bones behind the creative writings that I've come to enjoy so much.

I brought a bit of the frozen custard home to Chris and Hannah. It was wrapped up with a chunk of dry ice and packed into a cooler that I brought along so that I could be a hero to my favorite girls. I skipped the half dozen White Castle double jalapeno cheeseburgers--but only because I had the second dog (and a second custard treat--small chocolate milkshake for the road) and because I know that I'll be back in St. Louis at the end of October and can indulge at the Castle then.

If good times are based on food, then this was an exceptional weekend. Lambert's Cafe with friends on Friday night, fish fry on Saturday night and ballpark fare with Ted Drewe's on Sunday! Wow!

I passed the time on the drive to St. Louis talking to my Mom and Dad. And on the way by talking with my younger sister and then a fellow magician that I always enjoy talking to and spending time with.

I hope that your weekend was as wonderful as mine!



Bilbo said...

So, one of us has finally met the mysterious and curmudgeonly Mike, and lived to tell the tale! One of these days, you and I and Mike will have to connect somewhere to solve the world's problems once and for all. I know Mike said you'd designated me to do it, but a world this screwed up will need all of us to do it. Glad you had a good trip!

Amanda said...

Good times DEFINITE are based on food! least many enjoyable times for me have been food related but there is always the other factor of the company.