Friday, September 26, 2008

Writer's Block

It's not so much that I don't have plenty to say, it's more like I don't really feel like saying it. There just seems to be too much bad news to talk about. I don't know much about the economy or the mess that we've gotten into. I do know that I may have to work past the 3 years, 3months and 12 days when I'm eligible to retire now that the my retirement fund may be in the proverbial crapper.

My blogging friend at The FAA Follies puts the economic situation in terms that I can understand and relates to an industry very close to home--air traffic control.

So much for the depressing news.

On the bright side...

Tomorrow night I have my first magic show in some time. I'm looking forward to performing at a Men's and Boy's dinner at a nearby Association. On Sunday I'll meet Aaron in St. Louis for the Cardinals' season ender. I'll enjoy the grilled Kosher dog with grilled onions, 'kraut and mustard, and later meet Mike at Ted Drewe's for the world's finest frozen custard! I'll probably make a stop at White Castle on the way home. No worries about the economy for Sunday!

After mentioning hot dogs, frozen custard and White Castle's, it would seem like a poor time to introduce another one of my regular reads (along with FAA Follies)--Health Nut Wannabee Mom. Heidi always has some good info on what is good stuff to put into your body. Sorry about the junkfood intro, Heidi.

I've added both of these to my blogroll and encourage you to stop by or subscribe to them too.



Bilbo said...

Enjoy that frozen custard with Mike! And the game, too!

Mike said...

I'm back! I went to FAA follies. I think that was two or three days ago. Biblo, you have competition!

John! Don't tell Heidi about where we're going. That's like telling your mom what you're going to do on a date.

Sicilian said...

I am kind of in a funk too. I posted a pretty depressing post too!

Amanda said...

It sounds like you have a good weekend line up. Enjoy the junk food!

Kevin said...

I have a theory that junk food is actually part of a healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet causes the body to become soft. Eating junk food requires your body to become strong in order to sustain itself on a diet poor in nutrition.

John said...

You are my new hero! (sorry, Mike)

Mike said...

I want Kevin to be my new doctor!