Saturday, September 20, 2008

CUBS Win!!!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and all of the Cub fans.

For the first time in a hundred years the Cubs make it into back to back post-seasons. A World Championship has evaded the North-siders for the same 100 years. Wrigley Field has never seen a World Series Winner. My son's favorite question to ask after the 2006 season was (and still is):

What's the difference between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals?
The Cardinals have won a World Series in their new stadium!

We'll have to see if he's still asking that question at the end of October.



Mike said...

I can see the headlines now. Cubs win world series! Once every 100 years. Whether they need to or not!

John said...

They're still a long way from winning the Series!

Bilbo said...

I thought I'd felt the earth shake. Now I know what it was!