Saturday, December 22, 2018

Warning! Warning! Warning! Political rant ahead!

I know. I'm supposed to be taking a break from political posts and things that divide us.
But dammit, this government shutdown is bullpoop!

The toddler tantrums have got to stop!
POTUS is like the bratty kid throwing a fit in the Walmart toy section because somebody responsible is saying, "No!"

"I want my wall! I want my wall!"

"We can't afford a wall right now. Maybe next time."

"But I want it! I'm not going anywhere until I get it!"
And the tantrum goes on...
...and on
...and on.


As a former federal employee that was considered an essential service -- that means you worked without pay -- this is no fun.
I've read many ignorant comments (I can say that because these people don't know what the #*@! they're talking about) that mention they'll get paid later. That is true, especially since the senate passed a resolution to that effect, but it's not that simple and it is not pain free.

Does it make any fiscal sense to say, "Just come in and do your job for free. We'll pay you eventually."
Or even worse -- "We're going to pay you later. Go home, do nothing that benefits the government, and when we've decided that we can budget the money we will pay you as if you were actually working."

For those that say it's no big deal, they're going to get their money -- try buying groceries or paying bills with that kind of reasoning. You can't.

Another thing that most people don't realize (even many federal employees) -- there is no approved leave for essential employees during a shutdown. (This was the case when I worked. I doubt that it's changed.)
You took Christmas Day off to be with your family? -- Sorry. Leave is cancelled. Now you get to work!
Planned a family vacation during the kids' Christmas break? -- All vacation plans are canceled. Too bad if you can't get your money back!
Sick today? Winter flu? Puking and diarrhea? -- Sorry, no sick leave.

Yep, the leave you've earned and scheduled is unavailable during a shutdown.

And this is only about the hundreds of thousands of federal employees!
What about the millions of people that rely on the services that will no longer be available?

Back to the toddler tantrum...
If a congressperson proposed spending $5 billion for education, or infrastructure, or any other new spending, they would be asked to show where that money is going to come from. Why isn't anybody asking where the money for this ridiculous wall is going to come from?
We've reduced our income (tax cut), kept up our spending, and now we're going to spend more money that we don't have for a wall that experts say isn't a very good way to address immigration issues and does little to obstruct drug trafficking.

"But I want it! I want it!"

What happened to the fiscal conservatives?
Why aren't they opposing this stupid wall?
Why are they afraid to tell the toddler NO?
When will some leader (do we have any?) in the Republican party realize that this is not normal and do something about it?
The White House has a rotating staff with several key positions vacant.
The POTUS is getting foreign policy advice from foreign governments and criticizing his own advisers.
The POTUS is criticizing the very law enforcement agencies that he is in charge of.

This post has nothing to do with criminal investigations, ethics violations, poor morals or the fact that I do not like Trump.
This is about poor government and the people that are leading the way.

I'd better stop now.
Before I get ugly.



Mike said...

"What happened to the fiscal conservatives?"


allenwoodhaven said...

An excellent rant! You said it very well.

Juliette said...

That wall is a boondoggle.

Ed said...

Those who feed at the tax trough get what they deserve.
Those who claim to be against the wall, do so because they know it will work and make Trump look good.

John Hill said...

Law enforcement, fire fighters, military, TSA, air traffic control -- yeah, whatever!

Jerry Shepherd said...

The stock market is going into meltdown and 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse is keeping the government from operating. By keeping the government in a lockdown mode 45thoccupantofhtewhitehouse certainly is going to erode investor confidence even more and almost guarantees more decline and the very likely hood of a recovery. We will have to watch him blame everyone but him for the down turn. The impulsive tariffs and the increasing Federal debt is contributing to a sell off. The market may not recover under this administration. The buck never stops with him. And all we will hear is Trumpspeak.