Friday, November 13, 2015


I may have written about procrastination in the past. If I haven't I can at least say that I've meant to do that...

However, there often comes the time when you can procrastinate no longer and must be about what ever dreadful task lies before you. I have arrived at that time -- or at least nearly so.

In this case, the dreaded task is house cleaning. I've been meaning to do this since the beginning of the week. Monday was a weird day with an unusual headache most of the day. In addition to that, I was kind of giving myself an easy day after a day of driving and a late night on Sunday. I started doing the floors on Tuesday but remembered that it was supposed to rain all day Wednesday and decided that I should just put off the indoor work for a day that I would not be able to get outside much. Wednesday came and it didn't rain so I was outside and didn't take care of the house stuff. Besides, Chris was going to be gone on Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday, so I could always take care of business then.

She left yesterday (Thursday) morning. I was in a meeting for a few hours in the afternoon and there was a St. Louis Blues hockey game on last night. Today I finished reading a book and took a motorcycle ride into Springfield. I've now had an evening walk and dinner and I know that I have the early part of tomorrow set aside for our monthly writers' club meeting.

I guess that only leaves tonight!
...Which is why I'm on my Chromebook writing about what I need to be doing instead of doing it.
Actually, I also need to write today so this takes care of that while allowing me a few more minutes of procrastination on the house cleaning.

One task finished. One more ahead of me.
It's time...
...or at least, close to it!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I know the feeling that comes from procrastination. Best wishes for an easy finish.

Mike said...

I was going to leave a comment yesterday but ....