Monday, November 02, 2015

If You Could Start a Church...

In a recent conversation with a church planter, the comment was made that if you don't like what church has become you should start your own and make it what you want.

Well that got me thinking and wondering...

I know that many of my readers are church goers and many are not. For those that are not, the reasons for not going are many. Even for those that attend church on a semi-regular basis, the reasons for going are many and the taste in churches and service style is quite varied.

I am not foolish enough to believe that everybody believes in God the way I do. So I do not believe that everybody wants or believes in a church that I would attend or start.
But I am interested...

What would the church of your design be like?
What would be the doctrinal basis for your beliefs?
Would there be a set of rules for members?
What would a typical gathering be like?
Would it be for everybody or would you target a certain demographic?

There are countless other questions that could be asked and I know that most of you haven't thought in terms of designing your own church. But, I'm sure that you have thoughts along the lines of, "I wish my church would ...," or "What if our church tried...?" or how about, "I wish that churches would be less (or more) concerned with ..."
You get the idea.

What would be some of the things that you would like or wouldn't like in a church of your design?
What are the things that would attract you to a church?
What are the things that would drive you away from a church?
If you were on the planning committee for a new church, what would you want the new church to be like?

Really ... I'm interested in your thoughts.

John <><


Hell Hound said...

Taking that 'love thy neighbor' thing seriously. No exceptions.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I think that a church should be supportive of its members and nonmembers alike. It should try to encourage the best nature in each of us and teach tolerance.

People should leave a mass or church service feeling consoled, loved, and spiritually recharged. Good works should abound. Hymns and music should be joyful. People should not experience pressure of any kind; just come away loving God and one's fellow men.