Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinners

We've always had pretty traditional Thanksgiving Day dinners.
You know the kind -- roasted turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, some kind of sweet potato dish, cranberries, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie.
Oh yeah...and the dinner rolls that you forgot to take out of the oven!

We'll have pretty much the same this year, too.

So I was wondering...

Do any of my readers have non-traditional Thanksgiving family traditions?
Or have a meal tradition of something other than turkey and the fixin's?
Do any of you have a daily tradition like a morning run, football game, etc.?
Or maybe you have a pretty traditional kind of day plus something special.

A part of many people's holiday includes travel over the hills and through the woods. We won't be doing any travel and rarely have for Thanksgiving. With a career that was one of those 24/7 kind of jobs, we usually were home for the day and often scheduled dinner time around my work day.

This year we'll have a few friends over for a late afternoon meal with Hannah and Daniel coming over, as well. Aaron and Jenny have started their own Thanksgiving tradition of hosting a holiday meal for international students that go to school at IIT in Chicago. I'm really proud of them but miss having them around our dinner table.

I'm pretty sure I'll try to be careful but will overeat anyways.
Okay -- let's hear about your non-traditional traditions!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner with friends. That's really great what Aaron and Jenny are doing.

We're having a jambalaya dinner for two!

John Hill said...

Jambalaya for two sounds delightful.
I trust you'll have something better than Dixie longnecks to drink!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Angel!

Duckbutt said...

We're having lasagna. My daughter Anne-Marie and her husband are coming over for dinner.

JaneyBeth said...

Day sleeping and night shift! Thanksgiving dinner thanks to the Sisters at OSF.....it's becoming a tradition. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!