Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chicago! Chicago! That Freezing Town!

It is a frigid Sunday morning in the city of Chicago. The thermometer hasn't moved from the 14F (-10C)  from when I first woke up a couple of hours ago. It's eventually supposed to climb all the way up to 29F (-1.6)! I had to move my car yesterday afternoon. California Street (where it was parked) by Douglas Park is a snow route. It's now parked a couple of blocks away near the Lagunita's brewery. I'll need to stop by their Schwagshop before I leave today to pick up something for a neighbor anyway. I had a late lunch there yesterday with my favorite daughter-inlaw. I had the Hogunitas with mac & cheese.

It sounds like we are going to hit The Haymarket for brunch. I already know what I'm having -- the morning riot!  Aaron has to work this afternoon and at some point I'll make way to Metamora to visit with my parents. Home on Monday.

Part of the good thing/bad thing of not living in Chicago is that there is so much in the way of really good food -- from pub food and sandwiches to the fancy, high dining places. With just visiting from time to time, I often want to go back to the places that I've been and really liked the food. Of course, that means missing out on something new! I think that we usually end up at places that Aaron and Jenny frequent and that's okay. They have great taste and know that we are open to trying anything.

Time for some coffee!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

It sounds like you're doing pretty well despite the cold. It's the lower 20's tonight for us - Ouch!

Mike said...

It dropped to 21 this morning but didn't stay there long. Back up to 38 already.