Friday, June 19, 2015

This is What I Do

This afternoon I'll make my way to Mt. Vernon's Baptist Hill campground for the Lawrence County Association's Introduction to Camping weekend. The theme this year is Make a Joyful Noise. My messages will be from Psalms about why we sing and shout to the Lord, and from Romans on how our whole lives should be an act of worship.

Introduction to Camping is an abbreviated session for kids that are too young to attend the week long children's camp. It is just one evening session, a single over night and a full day Saturday. In reality, my part of this weekend is pretty small. It is set up so that 1st and 2nd graders can experience camp and familiarize themselves with the grounds for a couple of years before being there for an entire week. There are many activities packed into the day and a half; my part is just to bring the messages during the two worship sessions.

Last night I received a call to preach for another local church on Sunday morning.

I'm still not really sure what ministry in retirement is going to look like, but for now this is it. I missed a couple of mission trips with church because of local jobs and I think that serving locally is going to be more of what I do than going on mission trips, either domestically or internationally. Day by day, week by week works for me...for now anyways. I have a couple of revivals scheduled for the late summer and fall, another fall event for a local church and I anticipate other calls coming in.

It works.

And in between ministry gigs I have plenty of time for personal things.
Life is good!

Be well,
John <><


Mike said...

Are you going to get to camp in a car or a boat?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

It does sound good, John! I'm glad you're keeping your hand in ministry. The introduction to camping sounds like a great way of giving little children a taste of camping without an extended absence from home. Sounds like great fun!

John Hill said...

Mike, there are definitely roads that are flooded and closed, but no worries for me; just a little alternate routing.