Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ancient Forms of Communication

Fellow blogger Bilbo is one of the few people that still likes to communicate via the ancient art of letter writing. Yes, I am talking about longhand, pen and ink letters that are sent via the postal service.

Even letters via email have are finding their way into obscurity.

We live in an age where thoughts can be communicated instantly via text message and nearly everyone has the capability of sending and receiving texts. It seems that few people younger than forty use email as a means of sharing information on a regular basis.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook can distribute thoughts to many people at once and text messaging can be used for individuals or smaller groups. Unfortunately, it seems that communicating with one another has somehow become less personal as technology has made its advances. Many people even prefer texting to talking.

It is odd that the same technology that allows us to communicate instantly around the globe is also the technology that is causing us to be less personal. Social networks that allow us to make hundreds of superficial contacts seem to absorb our time so that we build fewer personal relationships. Even in crowds we isolate ourselves in our tablets and phones and pay little attention to the actual people that are around us.

I think that I'll find somebody to talk with today.
And maybe I'll write a letter, too.

Wow! Conversing and writing letters! That's some ancient communicating!

Be well,
John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Speaking as someone younger, most of us have feeble penmanship!

John Hill said...

Yes, Angel, and mine gets worse as I write!

Mike said...

No one would be able to decipher my cursive.