Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Today there is still news about Caitlyn Jenner, the Duggar family and the McKinney TX police officer.
Of the three, the only one that is really newsworthy is the misguided and poorly trained police officer and I imagine we'll be hearing about that story for a little while.

Articles and stories about Jenner and the Duggars are split between the right and the left, each wagging fingers at one while defending the other.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, this may seem to come as a shock to you but the world is an evil place. Why do we always act so surprised when things happen that go against our personal sets of beliefs? Why do we always have to take the roles of judge and jury?

I know, I know. The other side does the same thing.
I've seen the memes that show Tim Tebow and comment that the same people that want to allow Jenner a public forum are the people that wanted to silence Tebow.
I'm just surprised that I haven't seen one that shows the same people that defend the Duggars condemning other child molesters or sexual predators!

For the most part, I've stayed out of these online conversations. I'm not sure why I've decided to go ahead and write about it today. Maybe it is because I think that all of it is just not very newsworthy. Maybe it is because none of it affects me in any way. Maybe it is because I get tired of fellow Christians expecting non-Christians to act as if they were Christians while modeling some very un-Christlike behaviors of their own.

If you are a non-Christian reader of this blog, you need to know something about us. Even the truest, most faithful followers of Christ sometimes fail; and sometimes we fail miserably!
If you are a Christian reader of this blog, you need to remember that sometimes we fail; and fail miserably.

We also need to remember that the unbelieving world does not need our condemnation. Even Jesus said that He didn't come to condemn the world, but to save it. The world is already condemned. We need to tell them about the saving power of His love and share that love with them. We need to love them for Him, with Him and through Him.

We have not been given the place of approving nor disapproving their actions and lifestyles. They will answer for their actions when they one day stand before the God they deny.
And we will not be accountable to them for our actions. We will only be accountable to the God that we claim to serve.

The great theologian Charles Spurgeon once said, "Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter."

Either we are sharing the love of God or we are not truly Christians.

We all want to believe that we are good.
We are all bad by nature.
This world can be an ugly place at times.

Live well today,
John <><


Big Sky Heidi said...

Your post is very much on target, John Hill!

Hell Hound said...

Excellent post!

Amol said...

Nicely stated!... for all have fallen short...