Friday, June 26, 2015

Sisters' Weekend

Every year, my wife and her sisters have a weekend that they get together for a fun time. It's not usually a fancy get away or anything like that; it's just an annual reunion of sorts. They really enjoy each other's company, they laugh a lot and really just have a grand time sans kids and spouses.

That will be this weekend.

That means that John is on his own this weekend!

No worries, friends. I'm sure that it will be a full weekend.
Today I need to get an early start on a long walk. (That comes right after coffee and blogging.) I have managed to get a little behind in my monthly goal of 400,000 steps and need some good days to finish out the month. I have a lunch meeting with a friend and will be watching baseball and fights tonight.

Tomorrow's plan is to take a long motorcycle ride, just for the fun of it. Then there is late afternoon Cardinal baseball and more UFC fights in the evening. I'll try for another morning walk before I get started with the other stuff.

Sunday morning is Bible study and church followed by ...
... well I don't know just yet. I may just have to recuperate from Friday and Saturday by sitting and reading a book (or writing one!).

Anybody that says this retirement gig is easy is stretching the truth a little bit. There is so much to do when going to work isn't a part of your day. One of these days I may swing by the tower to see how the old gang is doing but it is almost in another world now. I know I spent a couple of decades making that trip every day, but it seems a lot farther away when you don't really have to go there. Besides, they don't even have good coffee out there if I ever do decide to go visit!

I have kept in contact with a few people through text messages or social media. Chris and I have regular dinners with one of the other retirees and her spouse. I even get to see one controller at church occasionally. But that's pretty much it.

The morning is comfortable and overcast. I haven't checked to see what the forecast is for the day. It is June and it is the Ozarks, so uncomfortably humid generally covers it.

I hope the weather is comfortable where ever you are this weekend and you are able to enjoy it! Time for a light breakfast and then I'm off for a long walk.

Be well,
John <><

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eViL pOp TaRt said...

It sounds like a great weekend plan. I hope it works out.
400,000 steps/month is a fantastic goal!