Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Consumed by the River

Yesterday, in an effort to keep fitness interesting, I went kayaking for a couple of hours on the James River.
I spent the first hour or so exploring the flooded areas at the east end of Springfield Lake before heading up river.

I was a very beautiful Ozarks' kind of morning, sunny and not too hot. The heat and humidity would come soon enough.
I arrived at the Springfield Lake Boathouse about twenty minutes before they opened so I put the time to use and managed a quick 1.5 mile walk. I saw a young deer right off and a few other critters as well. The time on the river also showcased God's wonderful creation. I probably should have taken more pictures, but I only took these two. I was out for exercise. the beauty of the river was a bonus.

All along the river (or any other river, for that matter) you see this sight; trees that line the river bank and slowly lean in towards the river. If we could examine the root systems of these trees, we would see roots that reach back towards the land and try to anchor the tree in place. But the roots that reach out for the life giving water of the river are too many. It isn't just the erosion of the soil from the moving river; it's the river itself. The tree needs what the river provides; water, nutrients, life. Eventually, the pull of the river will be too much and the tree will be consumed by the river.

This is a picture of how our life as a Christian often is. Although we turn to Jesus for life, we often cling tightly to the things of the world. We reach back to anchor ourselves to our families, our friends, our old habits and ways. But His pull is consistent. He gives us life and He gives it abundantly. His love eventually erodes away the things that we once believed important and we are consumed by Him. It is only by surrendering completely to Jesus that we give up our way, our will, and have the life that He intends for us to have.

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, serene surroundings often provide an occasion for deep thoughts. It is so real that going into quiet nature settings offers an occasion to come to grips with what is important, I like bayous, isolated beaches, and mountain trails for that reason. I hope you have many blessings today!

John Hill said...

In addition to deep thoughts, the bayou offers great food!