Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting Back on Track

After a couple of weeks of travel and a couple of weekends of caloric splurging, it is time to get back to what has become my new lifestyle of eating healthy foods and getting a little bit of exercise.

This mornings's breakfast smoothie: 1/2c raw oats, 1/2c skim milk, 1scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1c raw spinach, ice. 438 calories, 40g protein.

I'm letting that settle while I sip on a cup of coffee and plan to hit the pavement for a brief morning run/walk. Although I have no plans to participate in an upcoming 5K run, I think that I'm going to train as if I was going to. I really don't have a running partner and don't care, even though most experts will tell you that it helps to have one. I don't feel like competing with others and don't think that I need the "goal" to be motivated to train. Some time back, I used Run Keeper's couch to 5k workout when I was working on getting back to running. That didn't last too long as beginning the running process brought forth some other issues. 

Today, I'm thinking that time (it's always about time) and temps will have the biggest impact on keeping faithful to a running program. Hopefully, I can self motivate to get out in the morning on most days. I'd hate to be the cause of somebody's increased stress levels due to finding an out of shape old guy passed out on the roadside on some hot, sunny afternoon.

No holiday BBQ for me this afternoon. Duty calls. It's probably for the best. It's hard to keep a meatless Monday at a BBQ.

Honor those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

John <><

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