Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finishing Year One of the New John

It's almost been a year!
I was June 1, 2013 that I weighed in at 258 pounds and decided that it was time for a serious lifestyle change. I will admit, originally it was just about weight loss. Chris was already losing weight by simply cutting out breads and pastas. I was already a self-proclaimed expert on weight loss. Over the years, I had lost (and regained) well over a hundred pounds (probably a few hundred pounds). What began as an effort to lose weight has changed into trying to find a sustainable, healthier way to live.

The past year has been quite a study in foods, drinks, meds, activities (including sleep) and how they affect my metabolism, energy levels and weight loss. Although I haven't put anything on the permanently banned for life list, I am careful about what I eat. I still occasionally eat pizza, ice cream, burgers, brats and hot dogs. I am pretty aware of everything I ingest and how it will impact my immediate state as well as my overall health. Knowing is half the battle.

I lost about 35 pounds through the middle of October and then regained some during the holidays (don't we all?!). I started 2014 at 229 before getting back on track.

Today, I have changed my everyday eating habits and believe that I have a sustainable diet that includes mostly fruits and vegetables, a limited amount of red meats and healthy amounts of good fats. I limit my grain based carbohydrates and eat very few processed foods. I'm getting a little more exercise than most people, but nothing too extreme. I'm also getting more sleep than I used to get.

I'll be at Kids' Camp on June 1 this year and won't get to make my one year weight-in. I guess I'll have an extra day.

As of today, I'm at 202.8. This is my second non-consecutive day below 203 or at minus 55 pounds. It's no longer about weight loss. I expect that I'll continue to lose a little bit until my eating and exercise find me at the weight that my intake and output reach a balance. I'm guessing it will be around 195 or so.

This past week I had two different people ask me if I was okay and if I was losing weight on purpose!
The answer is, "I am well. I am very well!"

John <><

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eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm so glad your healthy lifestyle is paying off for you, John!