Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Day in Florida

Day 2 of our spring adventure has taught us that we need to come back to Florida when we have more time to enjoy it.

I think we would really like the St. Augustine area. Although we didn't do more than drive through the city today, I think we've decided to come back sometime.

This isn't really a tourist kind of trip. The wedding and family time are the main priorities. We had some good visits today and will see more family tomorrow.

The weather has been beautiful! Perhaps this is the time of year to come as tourists.I hope that tomorrow will also be a grand day!

Since the overall diet was pretty much shot for the day, I indulged in a Magnum double caramel ice cream bar. It was delicious!  But I can feel it working its evil on me already with the little headthrob from too much sugar.

Not to worry. Back on track in a couple of days.

It's wedding day!

John <><

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