Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cigar Heaven

Yes, I enjoy a good cigar!

For the most part, I have determined that Dominican cigars are my favorite. I have had Honduran, Nicaraguan, Mexican, Jamaican and Cuban cigars. I have even had Filipino cigars. As you can imagine, spending a week in the Dominican Republic is a special trip for a cigar smoker.

I was a little disappointed to discover that premium rated Dominican cigars are not a lot less expensive--a little less, but not what I was expecting.

Yesterday, I picked up a few premiums (7) and managed to spend what I normally spend for cigars in about four months. The guys did throw in a couple of freshly rolled cigarillos that were very good, but still an expensive day.

Then today...
I scored a box of ten Dominican Cohibas at a very good price--a much better deal than I made in Mexico last year.
I little bit later I found myself sitting in a small cigar store where two men roll about 100-150 cigars per day. I was smoking one as the salesman told me about the shop and their tobaccos. I handled the leaves, talked cigars and enjoyed the smoke.

I knew the pitch was coming. How much was this "free" cigar going to end up costing me?

I would have loved to buy a bundle of 50 at his special bundle price! The bundle would be less since it would be wrapped, not boxed. The boxes of 25 come in a nice cedar box (which I don't really need) so the price per cigar is a little more. I ended up with the box of 25 for the same price per cigar as the bundle of 50 and am really grateful for a wife that allows me my indulgence.

Having blown what I normally spend in 6 months in just a couple of days will mean treasuring each one of these babies. These won't be the ones I burn through on a two or three mile walk. These will be for relaxing and enjoying.

I'm a happy boy tonight.
Another good day to be John Hill.

John <><

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Enjoy your cigars!