Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camp Season

Summer time means it's time for summer camps. This coming weekend kicks off the summer camping season with Hopedale Baptist's children's camp.

Surprisingly, I actually look forward the weekend camp. Over the years, I have been to a number of children's camps and always maintain that nobody does kids' camp better than Hopedale. It is a perfect blend of activity, Bible study and worship. We pack a week's worth of camp into a long weekend, have plenty of parent and non-parent volunteers for cabins, activities, cooking and whatever is needed.

There is a lot of planning and pre-camp work that goes into making the weekend a great one. We have held camp at a variety of places but are going back to one of my favorites this year--Baptist Hill Assembly in Mt. Vernon MO.

There isn't anything fancy about Baptist Hill. It has a good facility for worship, decent cabins, a nice pool and water slide and lots of open space! It suits us quite nicely. Best of all, it has an great staff!

After our weekend camp is over, I'll be back at Baptist Hill for the first day of the Tri-county  Association children's camp. Even though I don't have any other camps scheduled for the summer, I'll probably be going to one or two more before the season is over.

As retirement looms in the near future, perhaps camps will be a bigger part of my future summers. We shall see.

John <><

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