Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Re-runs

I just changed my profile picture on Facebook. If you follow Mike's blog, you'll recognize it from one of his posts.

After posting it, I got to thinking about the masks we wear and the perceptions (and mis-perceptions) that people have of one another. Then I did some back tracking to read several old posts that give an idea of who John really is--or at least an idea of who I think I am.

Some of the things are a little bit funny, some are interesting, some are controversial, not many are normal or boring. Maybe that's why I like the new pic.

If you're a long time reader and don't feeling like the reading the repeats, I understand. If you are relatively new to Out of My Hat or a recent addition to my Facebook friend list, you may enjoy these (I do):

The last two are short easy reads (lists), the first two are a little bit longer.

So now you know why being me isn't boring ... or normal



Anonymous said...

Haha! Being normal is overrated!

One of the things my seminary profs always gigged me on was that I appeared to enjoy rattling cages, challenging people's perceptions, etc. Probably true. Back in the day rocking a pony tail, now shaved head with a fu-manchu, earrings and tattoos, I've always encountered many who said I didn't look the part.

If nothing else, maybe it helps drive home the point you're alluding to, no matter how we mask ourselves or open ourselves up, there's no substitute for taking the time to get to know someone as they really are.

And to get to know God, it takes a lifetime! And then some...

Mike said...

Had I known you were going to jump all over this I would have found it sooner!

Gooseberried said...

I don't understand how some people keep up with their fake images. It seems so exhausting.