Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

It's a great day of celebration across the USA. Although we often struggle with political issues and we may not have the perfect system of government, it beats the pants off of whatever anybody else is doing.

One FB friend posted the thought, "Wondering what our founding Fathers would say about our country and government today."

I liked the comment that was posted, "They'd say they're still a free country and fighting to keep it free. Way to go people!"

To often we want to focus on what's wrong with our country--and we have to recognize our faults if we are going to fix them. But let's celebrate what's right with our Grand Country today! As Citizens of the USA--what ever your race, religious preference, political party, sexual orientation, social status, size or shape--let's celebrate our freedom!

My friend Bilbo has an excellent post for today. Hop on over and give it a read.


Happy Birthday to my Dad.


Bandit said...

Happy 4th John. You know Ted Drewes is going to be hopping today.

Mike said...

Amen John.

Bilbo said...

Thanks for the shout, John! Hope you had a great holiday, and your Dad had a great birthday. If your birthday is going to line up with a national holiday, it might as well be the fourth of July, so you can tell everyone the parades and fireworks are for YOU!