Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something From the Fat Boy

Yeah, that's me--the Fat Boy. I started out the year with the idea that I would lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday. I even started out doing pretty well at working toward that goal. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of the goal or just got tired of working at it and so June 13th came and went and the only thing that happened was that I turned 50 and weighed the most that I've ever weighed.

Aside from feeling like crap and either having to struggle to fit into clothes that are too tight or buy a new wardrobe, I also face the typical overweight health issues. I've noticed that my blood pressure is slowly on the rise, my knees get sore more often, stairs are a little bit more of a problem, ... you get the idea.

So along with a couple of the other fat boys that I work with, I'm back into the "be a better me" mode and we have a little contest to get us started on the way to a healthier weight. Our initial weigh in was eight days ago and the contest portion of my weight loss ends on August 31st. I really don't think that I'll be at my goal of 210 pounds by then, but that's the contest weigh in date.

We're all off to a good start with each of us losing 7-8 pounds in the first 8 days. While I fully expect these two guys to keep me on track for the first six weeks, I'm going to borrow from one of my Facebook friends and post a weekly progress report.

Week 1: minus 8lbs. (16% of my goal).

I've been eating better (and less) and trying to get a little bit of exercise. Although I think that increasing activity is more of my style rather than an exercise program. I'm taking my cue from Dr. Yoni Freedhoff at Weighty Matters, and from Lucy, the dog. Unfortunately, I don't do too much that is very active these days so I have been using the recumbent bike while watching a ball game...or watching a ball game while using the bike. I don't suppose it really matters which I'm doing with purpose and which is incidental. Although since the Cardinals have been playing like minor leaguers lately, I guess the main focus has been on the "activity" part!

I'm also going to try to get more sleep. I know that there is a correlation between weight gain and a lack of sleep. It makes sense that there would also be a correlation for a good night's sleep and weight loss. That's going to be harder than setting aside time to exercise!

In any case, we're off and running (so to speak). I'll keep you posted as to how it's going.
Oh yeah, I've also been drinking more water and tea and only had a couple of sodas in the past 5 days.

Soon to be the ex-Fat Boy,


Yoni Freedhoff said...

Best of luck John and remember, it's not a race.

Flying leaps of change often land people on their faces.

Step by step.


Sicilian said...

John . . . from a girl whose been there and done that. . . 2 years ago I weighed the most I've weighed and not been pregnant. . . . I couldn't get rid of it. . . . they started a Weight Watchers at work. . . . it was a $$$ commitment as well as a time commitment. . . I learned a lot. . . I am on my 2nd year. . . . been below my goal weight. . . . if you can't commit to weight watchers. . . study their process. . . . it is about accountablity and documenting the intake of calories. . . .
You have take the first step. . . . I wish you God's speed in your goal. . . .

Mike said...

Here's the thing. You have to CUT calories, not add them. I know, I get confused about that too. But I figure if I can get it right 50% of the time it all evens out.

John said...

We debated for a while knowing that it would be more fun to race to 300lbs but in the end, made the right choice to lose the extra weight.

Having already lost hundreds of pounds (over and over again), I can say that I know how to lose the weight.

Today, I'm more interested in finding a dietary lifestyle that I can live with. I'm certainly more intense about food choices at this point, but don't plan on a lifetime of dietary deprivation.

My initial plan is to use the Atkins/Zone/South Beach/Bill Phillips philosophy of regulating insulin production and keeping stable blood sugar levels.

In addition to limiting the sugars, I'm also watching starchy carbs such as breads, pastas and cereals. I'm eating more vegetables but still being careful about too much in the way of fruit sugars.

I'm also limiting the fat to a greater degree than the Atkins diet. Just eating good foods (real foods) in reasonable portions.

All in all, I feel good but I miss my chocolate so I think I'll have to make an allowance for a piece or two of dark chocolate on a regular basis!

Random Magus said...

I think once you start and you see the results happening the motivation carries you through - best of luck :)

Amanda said...

It sounds like you're off to a great start. Keeping giving us updates here.

Kevin said...

Reducing calories is a good start but coupling it with regular exercise is equally important. Whether you walk, bike or whatever it's good to chart your progress and set weekly goals to keep yourself accountable. Maybe chart your progress on a graph posted to your refrigerator so it's there to remind you each time you reach for something to eat. Working out and eating right need to become a regular part of your lifestyle and not something you do occasionally to try and lose weight. When the thought that you didn't get your workout in nags at you, you know you're there. Best wishes.