Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hero Worship

I've never been much on hero worship--maybe it's because there are few that are qualified for true hero status. And I guess that everybody has their own standards for what qualifies as a hero.

From the website of the 107 Ranch:

Any man, woman, or child can be a H.E.R.O. with humility, endurance, relationship, and obedience which all begins and ends with Jesus Christ.

I can live with that. Using that as a qualifier for hero status, take the time to read about a guy that just may meet the standard to be called a genuine HERO.

Read the article, then come on back. I'll wait.

I like that guy--and not just because he's a great baseball player. He really seems like he's a great guy, too. It has to be hard to keep humble and to remember his roots and to serve in Christian obedience when he is one of the all-time great baseball players.

I don't know if Albert would make the hero status in your world, I'm not even sure that I'd say he's a hero in mine; but I do know that he is a hero to many young people in his homeland and around the world of baseball. He is an ambassador--an Ambassador of Christ, an ambassador of baseball, an ambassador of many that are much less fortunate due to poverty or disability.

I'd have to say that Albert Pujols is one of the good guys...and a reminder that we all can make a difference. We may not be able to sponsor a medical mission to a foreign country, but we can help our neighbors or contribute in some way in our local community.

Do something nice for somebody today--little or large--and come back to share it with the rest of us!



Mike said...

I think the word hero is the most misused and overused word by the media today. I never hear it except on TV.

Bandit said...

Mike is right in one sense but I think what what you and the article are pointing out is this: Albert is a hero not for being a great baseball player, but for his faith and humanitarian acts.

I know that Albert is a great player but he is not a hero for that, it's the other things.

I would put quarterback Kurt Warner right up there also.