Monday, July 12, 2010

Who is Your God?

I read a couple of different blogs today that addressed diversity of beliefs in one way or another.

This first one is really just a brief on the author's look at how we sometimes view God. I think that we all need to examine why we believe as often as we examine what we believe.

The second is Brian McLaren's response to the question "Are all religions the same?"

And the last is an irreverent look at a polytheistic world that ridicules several beliefs. If you're easily offended by somebody making fun of your beliefs, you might want to skip this one.



Bandit said...

It's always interesting to me when folks try to define spirituality with a finite human brain. it can't be done. That is why we have to have faith. I think the words believe and religion are overused. You can be religious about anything and satan believes there is a Trinity in heaven. He used to live there until he got kicked out.

Faith that Jesus died and shed His blood that washes our sins away. No more need for animal sacrifices that only covered sin. He then rose from the grave conquering death for us that put our faith and trust in Him that we may live with Him for eternity.

Mike said...

Two good articles, one very good video.

WV: yozed - Someone greeting Zed.