Friday, January 27, 2017

Building Walls -- not a political post

I have mentioned on social networks that I'm glad that our upcoming vacation is not to one of our normal Mexican beach spots. I love going to Mexico, but in the current political climate I am glad that we are going to another beach destination.

It's funny how we can look at the actions of others and be so disgusted by their behaviors even if we often have similar behaviors and can't see the poor character in ourselves.

If you've been reading Out of My Hat for very long, you know that I am an introvert and happy to live life with little actual contact with other people. Days that I have no contact with anyone other than Chris are the norm and I am okay with that. In fact, I prefer it. Many days, my additional contacts might be as simple as paying for a cup of coffee or an afternoon snack and drink while out riding my motorcycle.

Wanting to be alone isn't a bad thing.
Building walls to stay that way -- hmmm, not so sure about that.

We all have our own set of rules about whom we choose to allow into our days and our lives. (We may not think of them as rules, but in a sense, they really are.)
Some of us may be more gentle and polite in our declining to be friends with others, while others of us my be outright rude about it.
And some of us build walls.

We may build walls with intent and build them strong and high.
Or we may build them slowly -- unknowingly adding bricks or stones a little at a time.
Sure -- walls can protect, but there is also a downside to building walls.
And there are plenty of intermediate solutions before we get to the full on isolation of living within the walls that we have built.

I've got some reflecting to do.
At least I'll have a nice beach (and no walls) where I can do it!

John <><

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