Thursday, January 12, 2017

Becoming LESS Social...

I know!
It hardly seems possible that I could become even less social that I already am, but I'm going to try!

Actually, what I plan to do is eliminate many of the social media notifications that I get on my phone. Currently my phone beeps or buzzes when somebody posts to my Facebook wall or comments on a post of mine. I also receive notification if somebody else comments on a post that I also commented on. And I get notifications when certain people or forums have new updates.

The same is true for Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Not to mention e-mail notifications.

without disconnecting from social media, I am going to eliminate most of the automated notifications. I'll check in when I feel like it without the prompts from my phone or Chromebook.
My phone should only be buzzing when I get a phone call (that's pretty rare) or a text message (also pretty rare).

Without the other interruptions, I might actually begin to feel lonely -- but I doubt it!
I wonder if that will significantly affect my battery life. Hmmm...

John <><

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Mike said...

Ditch the smart phone and get one of those big button phones for old people.