Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017, page 1

As the first day of the year draws to a close, I can look back on a good day.
It wasn't a remarkable day by any standard, but it was one that I enjoyed a great deal.

The day began by ringing in the year with family.
Aaron and Jenny were here from Chicago and Hannah and Daniel were also here for the evening. It was really nice to be together as a family for the holiday. Jenny's parents and niece were also at our home for the New Year's celebration.
And everybody stayed here for the night. It was just past 2AM when I was getting to bed.

I was up before 7:30 to make the coffee and start breakfast. At some point before going to bed I realized that I would need to make an early morning store run because we were low on milk. I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee (or two) and got started. I cooked the two pounds of sausage and baked the two dozen Pillsbury grand biscuits before waking Chris to tell her I was going to the store for the milk. It would be her job to make the gravy when I got back. Breakfast was supposed to be around 9:30.

With a driveway full of cars and ours blocked in, I took the motorcycle in the just below freezing temps. No worries. The store isn't far and I was prepared for that.

Breakfast was good!
Meaty sausage gravy, big biscuits, coffee, milk, OJ.
It was also nice when everybody left for the day.

I managed to post on my other blog before taking a short nap. It was a nice day for January 1st and I decided to take a short 2+ mile walk just for a little outdoor time while Chris rested from a couple of pretty busy (and late) nights.

Aaron and Jenny stopped by this evening for a brief visit before heading back to Hannah and Daniel's to watch a movie before going to bed. We'll all meet for breakfast in the morning (with Jenny's family, too) and then Aaron and Jenny will start back to Chicago.

My exposure to people was pretty limited today so I don't think that I offended anyone. Of course, that also means that I really didn't lift anyone up or encourage anyone either. As far as a day of personal growth it was pretty much a bust, and yet I am okay with it. It is very rewarding to see that your adult kids are doing life well. I know that the coming year will hold challenges for all of us. Some of the challenges are known and are directly before us. Others will be unexpected.
But I am confident that we (and they) will face each day and deal with each challenge well.

This is page 1 of my 2017 story.
Tomorrow, I write page 2.

What will your story be?
Live well, friends.

John <><

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The first event for your 'good jar'.