Friday, July 01, 2011

Blog Ads

I'm not talking about ads for my blog, I'm talking about ads on my blog.

I get solicitations for running ads weekly when I get my updates from Lijit and ads are also available through Google.  These ads would run on the sides of the normal blog body and be generated based on a number of factors that I have only limited control over.  It's like having a bill board on the side of my blog. Bloggers get paid for this service based on the number of times readers "click" on the ads displayed on their pages.

I know that a number of blogs that I read run ads. In fact, some of you blog in order to run the ad space. I can't ever remember actually "clicking on an ad from a blog. I have clicked on ads on Facebook and it's pretty much the same kind of thing.

I'm not really concerned about the income this might generate as much as I'm wondering if there is any negative impact.  Don't get me wrong here -- the only reason I'm thinking about it is that I'm curious about the potential income. It's not like I'm in need; just curious about an unused but available resource.

So how about a little feedback?

Try it.
Don't do it.
No opinion.
Something else.

Leave a comment. I'm interested in what you think.



Anonymous said...

Go for it.

If nothing else, it would be interesting to see what ads come up with different posts (assuming the ads are targeted by content).

I recall having an email exchange w/ a friend, and the google ads w/ the emails were all about breast augmentation or some such thing. We had to go back and look at those message to see what exactly triggered those ads.

So your friends can have fun w/ comments to see what ads come up on the blog. Steve

Sharon R said...

I don't mind; I won't click on them anyway. Can you choose companies that won't offend your values? Keep on blogging.

Terrie said...

I'm wondering the same thing. As a blogger myself, I get notices all the time saying it would help increase traffic. I don't know if it would bring readers or more spam. I'll watch for others responses.

Mike said...

"Don't do it."

Technically you'll have to report any ad revenue as income. If you fail to do it you'll be a criminal.