Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Too Radical, But I Like It!

I was extremely proud of our youth kids this past week as they took time from their summer evenings to go help a small church with Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Because of work and teaching a class at church on Wednesday night, I was only able to go Monday and Thursday nights.  I think that there was 15 or more youth kids every night.

It would have been pretty easy to make excuses after the first night ... there were more of our youth kids than there were VBS kids!  In fact, that was the case every night!  Our kids did pretty much everything from teaching classes, leading music, doing activities and crafts, like I said -- everything.

Helping a church in crisis isn't really a banner waving event, but these kids did a great job and showed lots of enthusiasm even though it was a little disappointing because of the very low attendance.

Kudos to Ryan for setting this up and to all of the kids that participated!
You all rock!

John <><

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