Sunday, July 03, 2011

Quiet Sunday Morning

It's a quiet Sunday morning and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee while Hannah and Chris continue sleeping.  I've been reading a few blogs, FB posts, managed a short chat with my cousin Down Under (as she was ending the Sunday that I'm just beginning!), and made a decision that I want to share.

One of the blogs I read is Billions of Versions of Normal. Mike blogs daily and always has something interesting to share.  This morning's post shared a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  I found it online and was going to share it on Facebook. But then I started thinking ...

If I put this on Facebook, I'm going to have to subject myself to all of the anti-Obama crap that is sure to come from the far right conservative corp (that is pretty much what the letter is about to begin with); along with the equally distasteful responses to the aforementioned crap -- and I just hate it when a post or status of mine becomes a forum for ideological whack-jobs and an online political debate.

Another FB friend recently lamented the thought that compromise is no longer a reality in our world. We see it in politics, sports, labor, and in personal relationships, too.  It seems that today's mindset is that I'm right and you're wrong -- period! Compromise adds wrong thinking to my otherwise perfect way and gives you the false idea that you have even the slightest clue about the realities of life.

So I said to myself, "Self, is it really so important to post this and sow seeds of hatred?"
(I really don't think that it's sowing hatred when I share my opinion, but it is plowing the soil for others to cast their seeds.)

I decided that I wasn't going to post it on Facebook via the normal status/share method.  It will still be shared via the blog/share method but only because I wanted to tell you why it wasn't being shared in the more traditional open-up-the-discussion-for-all-dissenting-viewpoints method.

I really don't mind differences of opinion and welcome your comments, both here, at Out of My Hat, and on Facebook. But I wish that you would direct your comments to me and not to somebody else that has shared their opinion. If they share a comment with me, then that's between us and your interruption into our discussion is unwelcome.  I'm more than able to defend my opinions, change my mind, call them names and make fun of their ridiculous views or just plain "let it go" and move on.  Feel free to agree with me, disagree with me, unfriend me or share my post/link/status/blog with others.  But if you want to get into a conversation (good or bad) with one of my friends, do it on your own space.

Even though I decided not to post the link on Facebook, maybe it's not going to be such a Quiet Sunday Morning after all ...

John <><

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Mike said...

'while Hannah and Chris continue sleeping'

You should have been sleeping too. You know that old saying, 'sleep like you're dead!'