Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Rare Political Rant

You know that I try to avoid political posts, but lately I've found myself being drawn into the political cesspool surrounding the issue of raising the national debt ceiling ... and I hate it.

I hate it because it takes a relatively simple issue and creates a hugely polarizing debate. Why wasn't it an issue the seven times a Republican dominated Congress voted to raise it during the Bush Administration? For the same reasons that it shouldn't be now.

The problem is that Congress continues to approve spending money that it doesn't have. In every Administration, the President has a certain ability to drive the budget.  But the reality is that Congress--and only Congress--has the ability to spend the monies of our nation.  All spending bills (and tax bills) originate in the House of Representatives. And although the President has veto authority over any bills that make it to his desk (including budgetary bills), he doesn't get to discuss bills in committee nor debate them on the floor of the House or Senate. Taking in revenue (taxes) and spending money fall under the sole domain of Congress...and they are obviously not very good at it.  Individual Senators and Representatives are too easily swayed by party leadership or corporations that are more interested in control of the purse strings for their benefit and agendas rather than the benefit of the nation.

Are there any truly honorable politicians left?  I'd be interested to know if you have a nomination for "The Last Remaining Honorable Politician."  (International readers feel free to nominate politicians from your country -- if you have any worthy of the honor!)



Mike said...

Amen John!

Bilbo said...

Rant away, John! You're speaking for everyone with a brain and a conscience.

Claudia said...

E-mail what you've written to the President. Seriously!!! I wrote him last week and sent it snail mail. I urge everyone who cares about remaining a free republic with a democratic framework to express him or herself to the President. He "gets" it. He hasn't forgotten he's one of us.