Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheat Daze

It's been 17 days since I started my latest weight loss quest.  I was at 261.4 pounds (how did lbs. get to be the abbreviation for for pounds?), the heaviest I've ever been.  I am a little bit behind my set goals, but not too bad.  I am really considering skipping the scheduled "cheat days" each week.  I realize that there is a benefit to having these days, but for right now they seem to be more of an anchor than a help.

I suppose that I could be less indulgent on cheat days, but what's the point in having a day to indulge if you don't really ... indulge?  The past two Sundays (cheat day) have seemed to undo most of what I accomplished during the week.  This week, I plan on skipping the weekend cheat day.  I was at 250.0 this morning and would like to be at 246.4 by Tuesday morning (15 lbs. in three weeks).  I do expect the weight loss to slow down and I also plan on adding some exercise to the process.  Maybe the "cheat day" will be back in the future, but this Sunday will be just another diet day.

I'm adopting the attitude that this is only about losing the weight and the fat.  It is not about a lifestyle change (not yet), nor is it about making it easy. It's just about losing the weight and learning a little bit more about the physiology of the human machine and what fuels it.  It doesn't have to be fun; it just has to work.

There are too many maladies that are associated with being overweight. I have managed to avoid them to this point but it's way past time to quit playing Russian roulette with weight related health issues.  The end goal is 210. At two and a half weeks, I'm at about 23% of that goal.

Becoming less of a man,
John <><

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Amanda said...

I think skipping the cheat days is a great idea. I'm aiming for 21 straight days of exercise. Previously, I had cheat days as well but no more of that for me.