Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pieces of Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away.  Hannah will be finishing finals this week and should be home Thursday evening.  Aaron will also finish finals this week. Jenny finished hers last week.

Since there is always so much that seems to distract us from remembering the birth of our Savior, I thought that I would use these days leading up to Christmas 2010 by posting some simple reminders of why I celebrate on December 25th...and what I celebrate on December 25th.

Let me begin with a classic...simple, to the point, and from an era that was way less concerned about political correctness and much more concerned with allowing each to express their beliefs--even through a cartoon character.

Merry Christmas,


Mike said...

"Christmas is less than two weeks away."


Wv: reakesc - Passing gas. (It was the dog)

Kevin said...

Schultz was never better.

Amanda said...

This is a good one. I've found that I've needed to work quite hard in keeping the Christmas message a well rounded one for Aaron. All the talk he gets from outside the house is always about what Santa is going to get him.

Bilbo said...

I used the same clip from Charlie Brown's Christmas in my blog the other day. It's one of the best things ever done on TV for the season.

Bandit said...

Thanks to you and Bilbo, I had the pleasure of watching this twice in the last few days.