Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pieces of Christmas #5: more of Jesus and Santa

I think that this video first appeared last Christmas.  The song was written by the singer's father.  I believe that he's the guy at the piano.

This time it's a search for Jesus when everybody else seems to be satisfied with finding Santa.


If you want to go to YouTube to watch the video, it's here.


Bandit said...

I remember this from last year. It's great!

Mike said...

My daughter and Becky graduated high school together.

Bandit said...

I sent you via email (I hope you got it) the Hallejuah Chorus being sung in the mall. You have been doing Santa vs. Jesus. When I saw this video of people standing up in the mall singing praises to the Christchild, I immediately thought of you. The mall is the center of Santa, secularism of Christmas, political correctness, etc.; and here we have folks in that arena praising the very meaning of the Christian part of this season.

Isaiah Chapt. 9. The Messiah.