Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Writing/Reading

Each winter, the Ozarks Chapter of the American Christians Writers takes a break from our normal workshop/guest speaker format to host two very different kinds of meetings. Our December meeting is set aside to hear many of our members present a 5-7 minute Christmas or winter piece that they have written. January is our speed writing meeting. Several topics or starting sentences are given and then the members and guests are challenged to use the first half of the meeting to write from what they've been given. The second half of the meeting is set aside for those that choose to share their work.

If you are in the Springfield area on the morning of December 11, please consider visiting us. Here is the information you'll need--time, place and directions.

Since I know that several of the members read this blog (although I'm not sure why) I considered not posting my work until the morning of the meeting. But since this is as convenient a place as any to store my work, and since I haven't been writing much as of late anyway, I decided to go ahead and post it as it leaks out of my head, through my fingers and into the cyber-world of Out of My Hat. Chances are that I will probably make some minor changes to make it easier to hear (something to consider when working on a piece that is to be read outloud) as I work on the presentation. Or perhaps I'll think of something to add to it; or delete from it; or maybe I'll come up with something entirely different by the time 8 more days pass. (Not likely given my recent writing block)

So here's what I'm thinking...

Do You Ever Stop to Wonder...?

I was wondering if Jesus (the human) was ever awed by His creation.

When you're watching a newborn baby discover his hands and fingers, playing with them in front of his face, realizing that he can grasp things in his tiny fingers; do you ever stop to wonder if Baby Jesus marveled at how his fingers worked?

Did Jesus laugh as his mom played peek-a-boo? Did he wonder where she went when she hid behind a raised blanket? Was he surprised as he squealed with delight at her sudden reappearance?

Did he slap his tiny hands on the furniture and bounce on chubby baby legs when he first pulled himself to his feet as if to say, "Look, mom! I'm standing!"?

What was the Creator of the Universe thinking as he tried to toddle across the room only to fall after a few wobbly steps and land hard on his diaper padded bottom?

I wonder...
Was he afraid of the dark? Were there monsters under his bed? Did thunderstorms bother him? Did he pick up bugs, splash through mud puddles or taste rocks?

I remember how excited my baby boy was when he got his first taste of Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard. I wonder...
What was the boy Jesus thinking when the sweetness of honey first burst upon his taste buds?

I wonder...
Did Jesus get that sweaty little boy smell after playing hard all day? You know the one--not really stinky but definitely not pleasant.

I wonder...
When did Jesus realize that this is His creation; His handiwork? Was it one morning while He was watching the sun rise? Or as an afternoon storm cleared and He remembered that the rainbow in sky meant something special? Was it in the midst of one of those sudden storms on the Sea of Galilee or on a clear quiet night as a meteor shower streaked across the starry sky?

Maybe it was as He came up out of the Jordan River and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him and that voice--that voice boomed from heaven, "THIS IS MY BELOVED SON, WITH WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED."

I wonder...

I wonder...
Did Jesus ever think that maybe pain wasn't the best system for warning our bodies that something was messed up? ...That maybe flashing lights and sirens would have been easier to bear as He was being scourged with Roman whips?

I wonder...
Did Jesus wish that He would've created our bodies to be a little less frail, less dependent on the oxygen that He could no longer coax into His lungs as He hung on the cross... my place? your place?

Each year at Christmas time, I wonder...
Not about the "why?" The Bible is pretty clear about God's great love for us:
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
(Romans 5:8)

I wonder about the "how?"

How could He love me so much when I've done nothing to deserve His love?
How could He choose to leave the Throne of Heaven...for me?
How could He choose to set aside the characteristics of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence...for me?
How could He choose to clothe Himself in the weakness of human flesh...for me?
How could the Creator choose to be hot or cold, hungry or thirsty? How could He walk all day and get tired...for me?
How could He take a beating...for me?
How could He die...for me?

And each year, I wonder...
I wonder...
In the coming year, how will I thank Him?
How will I serve Him?
How will I serve...

Merry Christmas,

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Bandit said...

I never thought about any of this before. The Bible says that Jesus was all man and all God. So my first thought is that He must have been all boy also. I'll bet He was a good older brother. We know that James believed in Him.